Why choose ENOSERV?

Finish first using two powerhouse software products from ENOSERV. Perform the testing & reporting activity with minimum expenditure of energy, time and resources.

Increase productivity

ENOSERV software makes workers faster, enabling you to meet testing deadlines in less time. Feasibility studies conducted by customers have shown double-digit productivity gains.

  • Apply automated batch processing of tests
  • Utilize over 500+ pre-written routines covering the more common relays used by utilities
  • Pull settings, targets, event reports and fault records from relays using RS-232 serial communications
  • Some relay support MODBUS communications over RS-232 serial communications or over Ethernet
  • Eliminate the labor intensive "paper system" for relay settings.
  • Create your own library and add or delete macros from other routines to customize the test routines
  • Realize multi-input timing and event recording for thorough, detailed scheme operation verification
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Run the right tests

  • Use the most reliable, extensively tested routines precision engineered by experts
  • Run more meaningful tests to demonstrate to a regulator a reliable relay performance.
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You'll have no difficulty collecting and disclosing NERC PRC-005 compliance evidence

  • Observe regulatory compliance audit readiness progress.
  • Warehouse all past and current testing details and then promptly access whenever and wherever. Achieve a complete, secure, and accurate repository for relay and other lifecycle data, including test records and settings.
  • Generate reports-your proof of compliance-that are simple to create and easy for auditors to read and comprehend. PRC-005 not only requires that companies do the testing they committed to do, but also properly create documentation.

You'll experience data flow between the office and the field

  • Enable timely movement of test setting sheets and test routines from the engineering office to the substation testing environment.
  • Strengthen your maintenance and testing program by error-proofing and streamlining information movement.
  • Dramatically increase the speed of retrieving last saved settings, modifying settings and pushing settings for testing to the field whether they're around the corner or in another state.
  • Easily enforce uniformity in engineering and testing procedures by collectively referring to the same information.
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You'll have our ongoing support

  • The ENOSERV Support Team fields more than 65 calls per week from technicians with testing or software usage questions. On average, 70% of these have a first call resolution.
  • ENOSERV Training maximizes the benefits you receive from your software with in-depth training courses available at ENOSERV's headquarters, or at your facility.
  • The ENOSERV Roadshow may be stopping at a location near you to discuss our latest software improvements and NERC-related solutions.
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