Oscar M.

My mindset for relay testing has changed to 'it can be done better and more efficient' after becoming an ENOSERV RTS user.


  • What is your job title?

    I am a relay journeyman. I’ve worked for PNM for 6 years.

  • What made you pick up RTS?
    Was there a specific problem/need that caused you to seek out the application?

    ENOSERV RTS was structured to make relay data and test results readily available to our engineering group, project managers and supervisors thru one centralized database on our server.

  • What other applications are part of your workflow?
    How does RTS work with these applications?

    Our company uses Cascade for maintenance scheduling. Our RTS 6 year history helps our management query test dates and results for scheduling.

  • Has the introduction of ENOSERV products into your workflow caused you to branch out and explore opportunities you wouldn't have otherwise?

    Definitely! I've become proficient with Access db's. RTS's flexibility allows us to test our engineering group's standards. We've progressed from testing with "T" connections to full 3 phase fault simulations.

  • How did you learn RTS?
    Would you recommend your method to new users?

    Previously I used similar applications provided by the test set manufacturers, specifically AVO/Pulsemaster. I also took some programming classes at UNM. The programming classes exposed RTS's full potential for relay testing.

  • Have you tried other relay testing applications?
    How does RTS compare?

    I've tried our test set manufacturer's software. It didn't offer enough flexibility. It was too structured to their testing standards.

  • Do you use any other applications to compliment ENOSERV RTS?

    We've incorporated some of our engineering group's fault sim programs into the RTS testing structure.

  • Is there anything else regarding your experience with ENOSERV software that our readers would find interesting or useful?

    A successful relay testing program requires end user commitment and software company customer support. I feel like we've accomplished our goal with ENOSERV's help and support.