Bridgett B.

We were using Manta's Powertest and they were not going to upgrade the software to work with Windows XP. After demoing RTS, we found it much more user friendly & it operated the test sets so much better.I love having RTS. Now, instead of having to pull a relay manual to find connections, it is already in RTS. It saves so much time testing this way versus manual. I like being able to build in notes for the testers to use before testing.


  • What is your job title?

    I am an electrical engineer. I’ve worked for Southern Company for 1.5 years.

  • What made you pick up RTS?
    Was there a specific problem/need that caused you to seek out the application?

    We had already been using RTS at the company I work for. We wanted a way to store our relay and test results electronically to get rid of all the paperwork.

  • What other applications are part of your workflow?
    How does RTS work with these applications?

    We use a program built within our company called PEDs where we store our relay's settings and the test sheets that were used to test the relays manually before RTS. Now we just use the database to show us which relays need calibrated. We take the exported RTS results and update our PEDs database.

  • How did you learn RTS?
    Would you recommend your method to new users?

    I learned how to use RTS from a fellow coworker who seems to have a good grasp on how to use the program. After just one day of ENOSERV training class, I feel I have learned alot more.

  • Is there anything else regarding your experience with ENOSERV software that our readers would find interesting or useful?

    The software is very user friendly and, if you have a question, ENOSERV's customer service is good about helping you work through it.