The following people have been nice enough to share their thoughts about our software.

Jason B.

Jason B. | AltaLink

ENOSERV RTS customizes the way we work because we want to be more efficient and consistent with maintenance, and to have the ability to work with new construction and commissioning using new technology. RTS saves our techs precious time and improves productivity because we don't have to re-calculate test values every four years when testing the relay again. Productivity wise we don't have to spend all day creating test plans, once done the first time it can be used again. ENOSERV RTS is invaluable to us for flexibility, storage capabilities, linkage to PowerBase and it's reliability.

Larry W.

Larry W. | WAPA

What's not to like? Just press "GO" and walk away!

John S.

John S. | WAPA

With ENOSERV RTS, I have all the tools I need to get work done.

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Donald D.

Donald D. | Keyspan Energy

ENOSERV RTS makes training new technicians to do automated testing easy. RTS has revolutionized the way we handle relay testing, resulting in speed, accuracy, and better results. We chose RTS because it works with multiple test boxes.

George D.

George D. | Sunflower Electric Power Corporation

We were using Manta's Powertest and they were not going to upgrade the software to work with Windows XP. After demoing RTS, we found it much more user friendly & it operated the test sets so much better.

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Oscar M.

Oscar M. | Public Service Company of New Mexico

My mindset for relay testing has changed to 'it can be done better and more efficient' after becoming an ENOSERV RTS user.

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Andrew S.

Andrew S. | New Brunswick Power Corporation

ENOSERV's RTS package delivers a consistent and time saving method to test protective relays which is flexible enough to be used with numerous test sets. When I started as a relay engineer, RTS was already being implemented by our maintenance staff. Before RTS was used by our technicians, all tests were conducted manually and recorded manually, so RTS helped our productivity.

Darryl S.

Darryl S. | Southern Company

ENOSERV RTS is very user friendly. I enjoy having my library with all the connections and test notes. RTS saves on time.

Bridgett B.

Bridgett B. | Southern Company

I love having RTS. Now, instead of having to pull a relay manual to find connections, it is already in RTS. It saves so much time testing this way versus manual. I like being able to build in notes for the testers to use before testing.

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John A.

John A. | Eugene Water & Electric Board

Thanks to RTS, I have developed a more organized approach to managing data and developed more efficient methods to improve productivity.

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Louis G.

Louis G. | CLECO Corporation

We visited Texas New Mexico Power and viewed the integration of PowerBase and Cascade before the purchase. We liked how much it was seamless to the user.

Tim E.

Tim E. | Nevada Power

The support we get from ENOSERV is just outstanding!

Darryl W.

Darryl W. | Salt River Project

ENOSERV RTS makes my job easy. RTS has made an enormously positive impact on our ability to implement and manage a visual archive of relay tests. ENOSERV RTS is invaluable to us for easy testing.

Reese A.

Reese A. | Allegheny Energy

Once we became PowerBase users we could do trending on results!

Tim A.

Tim A. | WAPA

The software we were using (before ENOSERV RTS) promised the moon and did not deliver. ENOSERV tech. support is there when you need them and you get answers.

Todd C.

Todd C. | CLECO Corporation

We picked PowerBase because it links to Cascade.

Scott P.

Scott P. | WAPA

ENOSERV RTS is an all-in-one solution because it works with most relays. It is customized to fit the way we work because of versatility. RTS has revolutionized the way we handle relay testing, resulting in cheaper, more accurate, and better customer relations. RTS has made an enormously positive impact on our ability to categorize and manage a visual archive of files plus notes.