Purchasing ENOSERV Software

Consider these factors when purchasing ENOSERV RTS or ENOSERV PowerBase

Contact our sales department by email at sales@enoserv.com or by calling 918.622.4530 for purchase assistance and inquires.


  1. Do you need USB dongles per test set or per technician? Software keys also available.
  2. There is a lesser-cost simulate-only data entry / developer key. Does this interest you?


  1. How many relays are in your system?
  2. Do you want to add CT/PT/Transformer/Circuit Breaker equipment to the database? If so, how many of these pieces of equipment do you have in your system?
  3. Do you have other types of equipment that you want to add to the database? If so, how many?
  4. Do you want the ability to generate powerful reports and have them appear on a dashboard?
  5. Do you want the ability to auto-synchronize RTS & PowerBase?
  6. Do you want the ability to manage work orders?
  7. Do you want Email notifications among users?
  8. Do you have SEL relays?
  9. Do you use CAPE?
  10. Do you want the ability to use PowerBase with Doble ProTesT?
  11. Do you have Adwel CT test equipment?
  12. How many users would need simultaneous access to the database?
  13. Does your company use Active Directory network services?
  14. Does your company have multiple business units that would need to share PowerBase?