Revolutionize Relay Testing and Maintenance Programs

Increase testing productivity

Test microprocessor relays at digital speed.

Pull settings directly from microprocessors like Beckwith, SEL & GE UR series. No other software has this time saving ability. The RTS routine for the SEL 321 relay includes 97 tests & averages 45 minutes to run. Just highlight the tests to run & walk away. Return to an automatically generated report of pass or fail results.

The utility industry is struggling to balance preventative maintenance with other projects with limited manpower hours. ENOSERV software to automates key testing processes, squeezes out inefficiencies, and boosts testing service levels.

Standardize test procedures

Use the same test routine no matter what test set.

ENOSERV RTS is more robust, faster & easier to use than test set manufacturer’s bundled software.  Have three Dobles, two OMICRONs and two Pulsar test sets at your disposal? There is no need to use three separate software programs to drive these different test sets. Use one fully featured software called ENOSERV RTS in all situations. Standardize testing for all relays at each site no matter what test set is used.

ENOSERV RTS is the only software that supports ALL of the following test equipment:

Doble Engineering

  • F2000 Series
  • F6000 Series


  • PTE Series
  • Mentor 12


  • DRTS-6
  • DRTS-66


  • Pulsar
  • SMRT Series
  • MPRT Series

Manta Test Systems (Doble)

  • MTS-1710/DFR1
  • MTS-1720/DFR2
  • MTS-5000 Series
  • MTS-5100 Series
  • MTS-5160


  • CMC 56
  • CMC 151
  • CMC 156
  • CMC 156-EP
  • CMC 256-3
  • CMC 256-6
  • CMC 256-Plus
  • CMC 353
  • CMC 356
  • CMA 56
  • CMA 156
  • CMS 156

Own the world's largest library of pre-written test routines

RTS includes over 500 test routines written based on IL standards to begin testing relays immediately. Our library continues to grow.
*Note: Some routines are only available for purchase and are Not included in the purchase of the RTS software.

Pull settings from microprocessors

Settings pull directly into ENOSERV RTS from microprocessors like Beckwith, SEL, ABB, Basler, Cooper Power Systems, and GE UR series. No other software has this time saving ability. Also pull targets, event reports and fault records from relays using RS-232 communications.


Write tests yourself with a menu-driven method

Need to write a routine? ENOSERV RTS’s menu driven test creation method eliminates the need to know programming language.

Learn More About Creating Tests.

Store test histories & results for NERC reporting

Store test histories & results for all relays in your system for NERC reporting. RTS houses all of the details past & present. Generate reports easily. ENOSERV RTS software effectively test relays and then produce documentation of the testing event (according to the parameters of your maintenance and testing program).

Relay testing reports include settings, test results, nameplate information, test values, late test date, & next test date.

The ENOSERV RTS Backup/Merge Utility is a high speed tool designed for backup, mirroring, file synchronization & analysis of critical relay testing data. The ideal backup strategy is frequent, routine, and includes offsite backups for disaster recovery and long term storage.

RTS and PowerBase 7

Expand the power of other ENOSERV applications with RTS.

ENOSERV RTS software is built for fast, accurate testing. ENOSERV PowerBase can manage your RTS data, building and updating Library and System routines as needed. This ensures that the field always has the “latest-and–greatest” settings and routines, and can help to build a company standard for testing practices.

PowerBase can manage and track testing intervals dynamically as new information comes in from the field via RTS and RTS Dynamic Testing. Test frequencies can be assigned for different devices, allowing for a hands-free system of keeping up with test intervals. The PowerBase Report Generator allows for powerful RTS test result trending--allowing you to learn not only if your relays are operating, but how they are operating. Run reports as general as the Pass/Fail results of all your routines, down to the error percentages for a specific test for a specific relay on a specific date. RTS results trending in PowerBase is dynamic and customizable, allowing for an explosion of data and graphs to be generated from a single query.