ENOSERV PowerBase 7

Tying It All Togehter - System Protection Database

Data Collection for Visibility into Protection & Control

Both ENOSERV RTS 7 and ENOSERV Vector perform the testing required by NERC, store testing and maintenance data and generate reports detailing the testing activity. Another tool, ENOSERV PowerBase, is especially useful because it houses the COMPANY-WIDE test results needed as evidence of regulatory compliance. PRC-005 not only requires that companies do the testing they committed to do, but also create proper documentation.

Designed to be your data collection hub, ENOSERV PowerBase strengthens your maintenance & testing program by error-proofing and streamlining information movement, by providing visibility into critical areas such as equipment functional status, and by rendering regulatory compliance evidence that is technically sound.


Across the nation, power companies are being identified as non-compliant with NERC Reliability Standard PRC-005 because of a failure to meet the testing schedule deadline, or exhaustively document testing efforts including the date last tested/maintained. Of the top 11 FERC enforceable standards, there were more violations of the PRC-005 standard than any other category in the past year. To help curb this trend, ENOSERV offers an important software tool, PowerBase, to better compile testing data needed for NERC compliance documentation & in-a-hurry requests during the audit process. Also, you can't effectively manage your maintenance and testing operation if you don't have visibility over it. A nimble, single source data housing tool will provide true insight into the big picture. While NERC will likely have a substantial impact on your P&C maintenance & testing programs in the years to come, adopting a smart data collection approach today will prove most effective as NERC requirements continue to evolve.

Would your company be more efficient if you could:

  • Enable data collection and paperless records via field work directly into your master database hub?
  • Give visibility into engineering and field service data combined?
  • Enable timely movement of test setting sheets and test routines from the engineering office to the substation testing environment?

Data Collection Management

ENOSERV PowerBase will find, share, track and store data associated with:
  • Substations
  • Protective Relays
  • Protective Relay Settings
  • Protective Relay Test Results
  • Current Transformers
  • Potential Transformers
  • Circuit Breakers
  • DC Supplies
  • DC Control Circuits 
  • Current and Voltage Sensing Devices
  • Associated Telecommunications Equipment
  • Batteries
  • Contact Personnel
  • Investigation Reports
    and more...
data collection for PRC-005

The information can be settings, test results, nameplate information, test frequency, associated files, notes, associated devices, late test date, next test date & all other sought after data.

Productivity Management

As the speed and complexity of your operations continue to escalate, your ability to stay in compliance becomes directly determined by effective system-to-system communication between many departments. Easier said than done if your operations are vast. The PowerBase solution empowers you to dramatically increase the speed of retrieving last saved settings, modifying settings and pushing settings for testing to the field whether they're around the corner or in another state. A data hub provides the basis for information sharing, a critical factor in enhancing collaboration. Long gone are the days of filling out paperwork, transporting it from one area to another, organizing, filing, and retrieving it from various locations. ENOSERV PowerBase eliminates wasting valuable time inputing the same information in multiple systems—by using single point access. Uniformity in engineering & testing procedures is easily enforced using ENOSERV PowerBase.

NERC Compliance Management

Use of ENOSERV PowerBase creates a permanent audit trail tracking every testing event including who did it, when they did it, and test result. You will achieve top floor visibility of the P&C floor.

Timely and accurate access to information is critical to prepare for and participate in NERC regulatory compliance audits. ENOSERV PowerBase provides accurate, on-demand visibility to testing data. Compliance officers and NERC auditors can view detailed data associated with each relay in the system such as nameplate information, test time stamp, user tested by, pass/fail notification, results display with impedance, graphical presentation of the points/mho circles, and more. This information is available for the current test life-cycle or over time, for historical comparisons. Reports are easily generated about individual P&C equipment, substations or complete systems. Additionally, data can be exported into whatever final documentation preparation tool is in use.

Grid View


ENOSERV PowerBase makes it simple to create and manipulate powerful reports to exact engineering, field and compliance requirements across the utility.

ENOSERV PowerBase reports offer adjustable comparisons between different data sets, including graphs, charts and lists. Users can access graphs that compare percentages and counts, and also have comparison lists, showing complements, intersections and unions. Within minutes, reports will be ready to be delivered.

Types of reports:

List Report - A list of equipment records, attached files, and settings that meet certain user-defined conditions. Define whatever equipment, fields or conditions you want and receive a sortable list of results.

Comparison Report - Essentially two list reports that are being compared. A user defines List A, and List B. The Comparison Report compares the two producing lists and graphs.

Report Graph

ENOSERV RTS Trending Reports - Takes the comparison report and applies it to RTS Results. This is limited to RTS Reports, but since that limitation narrows our scope, there are many more graphs and such for comparing the data.

File Reports - A list report for Attached File Searches. Search is based on filenames, file comments, and file dates.

Settings Reports - List reports for Settings. This is for relay settings only.

Examples of common User-created reports are:
  • Compliance Report
  • Relays Past Due
  • CO Timing Tests
  • Relays Due in the Next 6 Months

PowerBase reports can be saved and shared with other PowerBase users, allowing for a quick repository of custom reports to accrue. PowerBase reports can also be saved as gauges to placed on the PowerBase Dashboard. As soon as you log in, you will get a complete and up-to-date picture of what is happening in your system.


PowerBase’s role-based Dashboards offer Protection and Control personnel an instant snapshot of key testing and maintenance performance indicators and reports. At a glance, users can quickly assess situations and monitor progress of testing progress.

The Dashboard, with personalization, allows users to create their own dashboards with different reports as needed. Personalization allows everyone to get immediate answers on their own issues relating to efficiencies and productivity. With critical role-based access to performance indicators and reports from within dashboards, utility-wide information is viewed pertinent to their roles.

PowerBase and RTS

Expand the power of other ENOSERV applications with PowerBase.

ENOSERV offers a suite of software tools that all work together

ENOSERV RTS and ENOSERV Vector software are built for fast, accurate testing. PowerBase can manage your RTS and Vector data, building and updating Library and System routines as needed. This ensures that the field always has the "latest-and–greatest" settings and routines, and can help to build a company standard for testing practices.

PowerBase can manage and track testing intervals dynamically as new information comes in from the field via RTS and Vector. Test frequencies can be assigned for different devices, allowing for a hands-free system of keeping up with test intervals. The PowerBase Report Generator allows for powerful RTS test result trending--allowing you to learn not only if your relays are operating, but how they are operating. Run reports as general as the Pass/Fail results of all your routines, down to the error percentages for a specific test for a specific relay on a specific date. RTS results trending in PowerBase is dynamic and customizable, allowing for an explosion of data and graphs to be generated from a single query.

PowerBase Interoperates with Doble ProTesT

The ProTesT Interface Module allows for data exchange within an existing ProTesT workflow.

Import from Doble ProTesT into PowerBase:

  • Build your entire PowerBase relay database from scratch in less than an hour!
  • Automatically populate NERC Required Test Dates/Previous Test Dates using ProTesT result data.
  • Imports all Test Plan data including results for mass data storage.
  • Creates settings in PowerBase
  • One click access to results details inside PowerBase.

Export from PowerBase into ProTest

  • Choice of using relay specific Test Plans or Relay-type Test Plans.
  • Eliminate relay specific/technician specific test plans in favor of relay type specific “approved” test plans.
  • Export previous ProTesT results.
  • Creates/Updates settings in ProTesT with latest PowerBase settings for easy field use.
  • Export into existing or empty ProTesT database file for easy file management.
  • New relays in PowerBase can export an “approved” test plan for its respective relay type.
  • ProTesT relays are already linked to PowerBase data for easy one-touch import of results/test plans after maintenance.


Turn a Mountain of Information into Precise Execution

Compliance Department
  • Observe regulatory compliance progress
  • Provide a greater sense of confidence in audit readiness
  • Produce an audit trail
  • Determine if P&C systems are configured to meet specific standards
  • Manage compliance initiatives from a single, familiar point of control
  • Schedule test intervals
  • Achieve, maintain & generate proof of testing
  • Fast-track compliance efforts with more efficient processes
  • Drive activity with effortless access to data
  • Find setting sets in one central repository eliminating searching multiple software systems and paper records
  • Enhance visibility for greater accountability
  • Eliminate time wasted locating or losing track of assets
...for the IT Department
  • Ease of integration with existing systems
  • Deployment/administration is easy
  • Support Operations effectively
  • Configure/upgrade quickly (no custom code)
  • Allocate storage space to be virtually unlimited