RTS Dynamic Testing

Once a standalone software package called Vector, ENOSERV RTS Dynamic Testing will find potential failures in your system by enabling a holistic view of relay performance.

Within a clear and flexible interface, ENOSERV RTS Dynamic Testing simulates complex scheme with definable results that technicians can easily establish. Any characteristic can be created quickly. Easily import fault simulation data (.SS1 files) from other software sources such as Aspen 1-Liner and SEL event reports. ENOSERV RTS Dynamic Testing will operate Doble, Manta, Megger & OMICRON test sets.

Prove fault isolation schemes and User-defined logic

Important highlights include:

  • Automated event-report retrieval for thorough compliance documentation
  • Advanced data management capabilities via seamless integration with ENOSERV's RTS and PowerBase databases
  • Multi-input timing and event recording for thorough, detailed scheme operation verification
  • ENOSERV's full featured parser for settings-based state value calculations as well as all of the extended automation functions that you've come to expect from ENOSERV

Use the intuitive FastFault User Interface

  • Provides instant extrapolation of phase-to-phase quantities as well as impedances, sequence components, and power calculations
  • Configures default Input/Trigger configurations: configures the test set to advance to the post-fault state when it senses the TRIP or 52a operation
  • Calculates fault values from the relay’s settings or other user-supplied line impedance data
  • Saves a constellation of fault types/distances as a default template which can be utilized in any new FastFault test
  • Automatically tests on any point inside or outside the specified range of operation.
  • Simple click-and-drag operation for voltages, currents, and phase angles
  • Built-in fault calculator and formulas for easily determining fault states

PowerBase, RTS, and RTS Dynamic Testing

Expand the power of other ENOSERV applications with PowerBase.

ENOSERV offers a suite of software tools that all work together.

ENOSERV RTS and ENOSERV RTS Dynamic Testing software are built for fast, accurate testing. PowerBase can manage your RTS and Dynamic Testing data, building and updating Library and System routines as needed. This ensures that the field always has the “latest-and–greatest” settings and routines, and can help to build a company standard for testing practices.

PowerBase can manage and track testing intervals dynamically as new information comes in from the field via RTS and Dynamic Testing. Test frequencies can be assigned for different devices, allowing for a hands-free system of keeping up with test intervals. The PowerBase Report Generator allows for powerful RTS test result trending--allowing you to learn not only if your relays are operating, but how they are operating. Run reports as general as the Pass/Fail results of all your routines, down to the error percentages for a specific test for a specific relay on a specific date. RTS results trending in PowerBase is dynamic and customizable, allowing for an explosion of data and graphs to be generated from a single query.

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