ENOSERV delivers software to help power companies meet the challenges of relay testing in today's time sensitive regulatory environment. ENOSERV supplies companies with rock-solid automation tools that support workgroup uniformity, process transparency & easy test results reporting.

We are proud of all we've accomplished since ENOSERV came to life in 2001.

ENOSERV pioneered the idea of universal/multi-platform system protection testing. ENOSERV PowerBase is the only software that ties the field locations and office system together seamlessly.

ENOSERV has a 100 percent focus on the power industry and more specifically, protection and control. For us, the power industry is not simply one of many vertical markets; it is our only business. From start to finish, our software development and implementation includes the involvement of our deep P&C expertise.

Our solutions are the best because they were developed by actual protection engineers & field technicians. The ENOSERV software suite represents the efforts of thousands of man hours in research, development and responding to customer feedback.

Most importantly, our customers tell us they're very satisfied with the support we provide, as well as our experts who guide them every day.

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