Tulsa, Oklahoma

August 23-24, 2016
November 15-16, 2016

Earn 16 NETA CTD credits The RTS interface is built entirely for test manipulation. In this class, attendees will be exposed to all of the numerous tools and techniques available for creating or customizing any test routine. Moving beyond test plan modification, attendees will learn about RTS commands and gain insights that will be useful as they develop new test routines of their own.

Create and modify automated relay test routines with the FasTest system Learn tricks and shortcuts that will cut your test plan production time significantly Create routines that are efficient on time without sacrificing accuracy of the results Introduction to RTS commands that are Beyond the FasTest system
ENOSERV RTS Essentials class is a pre-requisite.

ENOSERV will verify Essentials training has previously occurred for all attendees.

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